I miss you like I miss my fallopian tube:
A raw, tugging, sullen kind of pain
That comes and goes,
Refuses to let me sleep comfortably or dreamlessly,
Reminds me of what I have lost
Or haven’t got
Or both…
I’m not sure which?
Now it’s gone
That something that was essential but not needed –
Just wanted. An emblem of my greed
To have
To be able
To be as whole as I can be
When so many parts of me have been
Pecked away by the carrion bird
Who leaves the marks on my body
Of time, experience, selfishness…
A Prometheus getting what I deserve
For taking what wasn’t mine.

Do I cut you out
Or hang on needlessly to you like the left hand side me?
My remaining half:
Life giver,
Woman maker,
Heart taker.


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