It’s another day.

Another day to pretend I’m alright.

I’m ok.

Another day when I want to crawl inside

Myself and sleep

Forever, dreaming only of you

And the precious memories I keep

Locked silently unseen in my heart

Barred and chained from crashing out

In crushing waves every time I think of you

(which is all of the time).

It is a lock made of paper

That dissolves and dissolves again beneath my tears

Leaving memories spilling like a sugar rush

That sickens me, renders me helpless and paralysed with grief

Because I miss you with everything I am.


And I can’t tell you and I can’t tell them

How I really am.

That I’m not OK,

That tears don’t stop coming and I don’t know how to hold them back

If you aren’t there to catch my bowed head in your hands,

The bowed head resting only in my own hands,

The head I don’t know what to do with,

Now it has lost its heart.


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