The Never List

There’s a list of things to do.
It’s as long as your arm (not mine).
Things to do that we’ll probably never do
Like go for dinner
Or the cinema – just us two.
A weekend break somewhere near, Somewhere far but
More than a night and
Expensive; champagne on ice,
Dizzy nights, dozey days in bed
Tangled up in fine count cotton sheets
Because there is time to sleep if we want…
Maybe we’ll cook for each other
Eggs, Apples…
Or not bother, read books instead,
Get bored, then go back to bed
Where you can read me
Back to front and inside out
Part my legs and make me sing
A harmony with you
Because it won’t matter who hears
How we love each other
Because we do
And the tune is simple and beautiful and complicated and tragic and amazing and funny and it’s ours and it’s enough.


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