Hide and Seek

I’m scared in here.
It’s dark and silent
And I can’t hear your heart beating
Or your steady breathing,
Only mine and I want to cry.

What if you don’t come,
Or can’t find me
When I can’t even find myself anymore?

I’ll count while I wait.
Try to get to five
Before I give up,
Admit defeat.

I see a sliver of light
And suddenly, unexpectedly, your words
Reach in and rescue me from the unrelenting darkness.

You seem to know what I need
As you sing to me
In voices that aren’t yours
And words that are.

It soothes my soul like a loving hand stroking hair in the midst of a nightmare.

You said you’d come.
I should have believed you.

I’ll hide again,
Begin counting…
Try to suppress my terror of this empty place and
Trust that you’ll seek me out and find my hand or my heart in the dark.


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