‘The Window Seat’ by Sir William Orpen

Once upon a time
The princess lost a shoe and her heart
But her time was up
So she had to go.

She took the steps two at a time
As the clock tower chimed the death knells of evening.
She was afraid to look back or speak
But was certain that she would be rescued and all lost items would be returned,
After all the prince had said he loved her.

And so she waited,
Looking through her little window every day
Waiting for the sound of hooves and two galloping hearts
That never came.

Her clothes became rags
Her face grew old and her body tired.
There were no fairy godmothers to
Wave magic wands and make things ok,
Conjure up happy endings and all that other fantasy stuff,
Just a belief that her brave hero was lost on his way,
And if he wasn’t here tomorrow, he’d be here another day…

So still she waits, that fool for love,
Locked in her small tower
Full of dusty hopes and dreams
That never will come true;
Her heart is lost forever, just like that small glass shoe.


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