A Man Walks Into A Bar

A man walks into a bar,
The barman doesn’t give a shit.
He’s been there all his life
And he’s totally over it.

A man walks into a bar,
Takes his lover for a drink;
The barman lights a fire
And the whole place starts to stink.

A man walks into a bar,
He’s never tried the food,
He’s read the reviews online,
He’s heard it isn’t good.

A man walks into a bar
It’s the only place he goes;
To hold his lover’s hand
And tell her of his woes.

A man walks into a bar,
He breaks his lover’s heart,
Tells how he resents her
Which makes her fall apart.

A man walks into a bar
He hasn’t got a clue
About the love that’s sitting by him
If only he really knew…

A man walks into a bar,
It’s a funny little place
He might be back next week,
Once he’s had some space.


Different Not Different



I’m different not different.
Not different because I still love you
In every way possible there is to love you.
Not different because I still tell you every day.
Not different because I want to see you.
Not different because I want it to be soon and I want to know when…
Not different because I still dream of your touch.
Not different because the thought of it drives me wild.
But different because there is no real reply.
Dreams are all I have but not all that I want.
Different because I have to be brave in the face of your silence;
Different because I want you to come back to me;
Different because I tell you what I want and where I want it because there’s so little time;
Different because this is not really me,
I’m not really brave or selfless or assertive
But I love you and this is what you want

So I’m different not different.

Parts of the Story


‘The Dream Of The Fisherman’s Wife’ Hokusai, 1814

My lover’s words were whispered
Into my waiting ear…
They told the tale of an octopus
Who wished that he were freer.

The octopus was sad,
He found it hard to live,
He only had seven legs you see,
And something had to give.

It was a long and tragic story
This tale of his missing parts,
My lover said it reminded him
Of us and broken hearts.

I thought about my lover’s tale
Of sea creatures full of woe
And wished I was his story
And that he’d never go.

I’d be his beginning,
His climax and his end.
And with a different story on his lips
I’d help his heart to mend.

Hide and Seek

I’m scared in here.
It’s dark and silent
And I can’t hear your heart beating
Or your steady breathing,
Only mine and I want to cry.

What if you don’t come,
Or can’t find me
When I can’t even find myself anymore?

I’ll count while I wait.
Try to get to five
Before I give up,
Admit defeat.

I see a sliver of light
And suddenly, unexpectedly, your words
Reach in and rescue me from the unrelenting darkness.

You seem to know what I need
As you sing to me
In voices that aren’t yours
And words that are.

It soothes my soul like a loving hand stroking hair in the midst of a nightmare.

You said you’d come.
I should have believed you.

I’ll hide again,
Begin counting…
Try to suppress my terror of this empty place and
Trust that you’ll seek me out and find my hand or my heart in the dark.