New Word

Best new word I heard this week:


I wish I was.


Leonard Cohen – Need the speed

If you ever read this, this is one of my favourites and sums up nicely all I ever needed. Still all I need.

Need the speed
need the wine
need the pleasure
in my spine

need your hand
to pull me out
need your juices
on my snout

need to see
I never saw
your need for me
your longing raw

need to hear
I never heard
against my ear
your dirty word

need to have
you summon me
like moon above
the gathered sea

need to know
I never knew
the tidal towing
come from you

need to feel
I never felt
you magnet pulling
at my self

now it fades
now it’s gone
hormonal rage
unquiet song


So here you are:
All of my cards, face up on the table.
A flush of hearts,
The blush of hearts,
Red and white, defiant in their truth against green baize;
Not much of a poker face now.

I know I can’t win but I don’t want to lose
You know this.
So keep playing.
Sit back down at the card table with me
Or pick me up and lie me on it
Press those hearts like diamonds
To my back
The cracks in my soul
And play with me,
Make me precious and beautiful
Your bejewelled freak.
Be rough be ruthless in your pursuit of victory
Over me
Use your clubs to make me submit to your will but
Don’t dig a grave for my heart with your spade.
Just deal me again
Deal me again.