There is a hidden path that leads along a cliff,
Down to a pebble beach
Pock marked with caves.
It is not a route that’s easy to travel
And I have not been there for a while,
Except in dreams.

I love it.

I stop atop for a while
Watch the sun bounce gracefully off tumultuous grey sea
As Vikings sail like ghostly silhouettes
In their long boats out of reach.

I look back at the path and my heart swells
With memories
As full as those waves crashing far below.
I look ahead
At the terrifying splendour before me
And wonder what comes next.


‘The sun and her flowers’ – Rupi Kaur

I’ve just started reading Rupi Kaur’s second book of poetry: ‘the sun and her flowers.’ I love the empowering and relatable nature of her poems, although at times I find them quite painful – It’s like listening to my head, when all I want to do is be left alone with my heart.




Anyway, these two poems are more heart than head. The first is from ‘the sun and her flowers’ and the second is a poem from ‘milk and honey’.



In The Distance

There is train running through my dreams.
It is a memory, as warm and comforting
As that small, dark room I lay in,
Tied in a knot by the pink blanket with silky edges.
I still hear the train, lonely in the woods,
Rumbling its freight along the tracks down the bottom
As I struggled to sleep,
Listening to faint voices somewhere else,
Breathing in the sacred, indescribable smells of that old room with its secrets

Before I had secrets of own.




‘One Of These Things First’ – Nick Drake

I really like this song for a lot of reasons and, despite the view that it is full of despair and sadness about not fulfilling dreams, I just see it as whimsically beautiful, sadly humorous and honest. All of us could have been one of these things first and done things differently…although if I could go back and choose what I could have been,  it would obviously have had to be the kettle…

In Me

There is breath in me;
Feel it in the gentle wind
That strokes your face
As tenderly as a lover,
Or hear it whisper love
Amongst the trees.

There is light in my eyes;
It’s there as constant as the sun
Rising in the east above tiny houses.
Feel it wrap you in its warm embrace
And imagine another pair of arms.

There is music in my soul.

If you listen,
You’ll hear it playing all about you,
In the hum of traffic;
The throb of radiators in the dark;
Idle chatter;
Running water;
Beating hearts.

There is so much in me.
You only need look in a mirror
To see it all.