What This Means

In its simplest form,
All any of this means
Is that,
I miss you
I need you
I want you

I love you.

I love you so much it takes my breath away.

But I’m lonely without you
To speak to

And I’m terrified when it’s
Suddenly silent

So I pour out words
To fill the empty space

And listen to them echo,
Imagining the returning voice is yours,
Not mine.

I write

And I hope you understand the words
That I give you
But I’m not so sure…

They don’t seem to make a difference
Or you misunderstand the meanings,

For example:

There are no guns that I aim at you.
The gun is simply choice or consequence,
Maybe both?
Either way ends with destruction
Of what we have or what we have,
Maybe both?

But I know what destruction I’d choose.

My words are not meant to be complicated,

Just a way of letting you know
How much you mean to me,
How much I

Love you.


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