House Of Cards

There are a lot of things on my mind tonight and so many things to write about that I wasn’t sure where to start…My first few attempts seemed too angry and apologetic, when all I really want to express, beyond anything, is love and honesty and a longing to keep on playing…


I’m fed up of playing Solitaire,
It’s a game for losers…
And relies a lot on chance.

I’d rather play Pairs
With you,
Or try to build a house of cards
Even with the knowledge it might collapse
But being brave enough to try anyway.

I might have suggested poker,
If I still had a poker face
But you already know my hand
It’s full of hearts
Waiting to be buried by your silent spade.

So here,
I give them to you freely,
Take all my hearts,
They’re yours already
And tell me what you want to play.

I’d rather play and lose, to you,

Than be too scared to lose at all.


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