I Love You. Sorry.


If I could say
I’m sorry
I still couldn’t say it as much as:
I love you.

Not that it matters,
My words are pointless
Or incendiary.

I don’t know what I said,
But I have no excuses
Apart from loving you
And being lost and alone,

Of wanting you but not feeling wanted back.

You see, my words always come first
And they’re swallowed by the darkness
That surrounds me
As I wait,
For nothing
And everything.
But get nothing back.
Never to be met half way.

How is this love?

How do I know?

Tell me.
Be brave.
Find me time or
Call me in the morning.

Don’t leave me here again,
Another day
Another night
Another morning
Lost to half-remembered dreams of you as I wake.

Hold my hand
With your voice,
Or your hand,
Or your perfect smile.
Tell me it’s alright,
Let me know you love me,
That you want me too

Or don’t…

Do what you must do.




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