There is a far off place
You go to.
I see it in your eyes
When you are sitting next to me.
I wish you would take me with you,
Guide me with loving hands
To this hidden world of yours and
Show me

I am there with you already but do not see?

The blind invader of your dreams
Who has fallen in love with every
Beautiful, rough edged landscape of your mind
And who has taken up permanent residence
Refusing to leave
Because it’s too far to travel back
From this imperfect place
That I wish to conquer,
Not destroy.

I am there already?

Your imaginary captive
Blindfolded and chained
To the thoughts that unnerve you,
The desires you can’t articulate,
That live there in your heart of darkness.
Lock me up.
Throw away the key.
Let me see.


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