What lies on the other side
Of this beautiful transparency
That mocks with a love you cannot reach
Unless you wield a hammer, an axe
And shatter its false strength
Into dust so fine it will be lost to the quietest breeze?

Better to stay the other side of the glass,
Breathe love like condensation on to clear panes
And enjoy drawing dissolving pictures
Of how love might look
On the other side of the window.


6 thoughts on “Glass

  1. It makes the idea idyllic, and the reality disparate – and maybe sometimes that’s for the best. But I dare say, sometimes it might be better to just go for the hammer and ax. Maybe make a mandala out of the shards of glass if it was found to be done in error…


  2. So I accidentally admitted to my friend of 7 years that I was in love with him (long, LONG story, which I can’t blog about because my friends read my blog). Turns out he doesn’t feel that way for me, and it would be awkward if we were in a relationship anyway…

    Whenever he is dating someone, I feel like the girl above in the photo, looking through glass to a love I can’t have, but of which I can clearly see

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    • That was a very brave thing to do and I’m sorry things didn’t work out the way you hoped…but definitely better to have said how you felt than to be on the other side of the glass just wondering. Perhaps we all just need different windows to look through! 😊


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