Between You and Me


Across the river
The bank rises dangerously steep.
Do you see me?

I’m standing on the other side,
Almost invisible,
A speck at the top of that precipice,
Watching as the distance between us seems to grow.

I see you.
Waiting, silent, loving,
Unsure, scared, sad, angry
Whilst the river rages below,
Dark currents of love
Beneath the surface
Threatening to pull you in
As you contemplate crossing.

I see your fear from where I am.
How it lies in the creases around your eyes
The twist of your hands
The tension that ripples
Across your shoulders.
But I can only watch,
Hope… that it doesn’t become so great
That you turn away
Like you do in my nightmares
And leave me standing out here alone
My heart calling out to you
On an empty wind
Across the divide
To come back
See me.


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