Half The Story

Perhaps this is just a general thing most people are guilty of, or perhaps this is just me…but I think it’s very easy to see things from just one perspective and I almost always find myself writing from that vantage point. I find it much more difficult to be less selfish and consider the other half of a story so here is half a poem, you can fill in the blank lines yourselves. The other half is not mine to write, only imagine which is always dangerous because I could definitely dream up a whole load of crazy, beautiful, unrealistic and heartbreaking things to fill the gaps…


This half of the story, it starts with you.


You are its heart, its rudder and its sail.


Sometimes I find you, washed up on the shore


Of my dreams, temporary paradise


Where I need you to give yourself to me


Suspend the reality for a while


Let me just love you and be loved right back.







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