The heavy lightness of sunshine
Opens dark eyes that cannot see. You
Are not here
And my heart is caught up in the gauzy ghost of a summer breeze,
Then scattered like petals
To fall where you might tread.



That wild staccato rhythm
Two hearts beat.
Two heart beats
Tapping out morse code messages to
…- – – …
As red hot blood courses through blue veins,




Her name was as delicious as she was.
It would roll off your tongue like cream
Covered strawberries eaten in the Summer,
As you made love on red velvet picnic blankets,
Under the lemonade sun.

A Picture


It made a glorious picture:
The nude and his lover
In a car 
In a field
Behind a hedge,
On the other side of which,
An old man walked
And cyclists, panting uphill, passed,
Whilst the nude and his lover
Just moaned and gasped.

Special Guy

I want to write about love again…
I want to yell about it, shout!
I want to talk about how I love you back to front and inside out.
I want to tell you over breakfast, at dinner and at lunch
That I love you quite bananas
A whole massive f*****g bunch.
I want to to tell you that I love you
From the moment my eyes see light.
I want to tell you how I dream love,
In the middle of the night.
I want to tell you how I love you
I want to tell you how I feel:
‘I love you ad Infinitum
It’s a massive f*****g deal.’
I want to love you to distraction,
I want to love you round the bend,
I want to love you like a lover,
I want to love you like a friend.
I want you to know I love you
Through word and breath and sigh
I’m sorry if it seems too much but
You’re a f*****g special guy.