Nothing Girl


Her feet had vanished, gone,
Taken from beneath her, 
Right under her very own nose
And now she couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.
Her eyes had disappeared too, 
Washed away by tears
That might well have washed the rest of her away,
Had the rest not all been missing too.
Her ears must have been lost along the way
Because she no longer heard 
What she loved
And her mouth hid itself from view,
Stopped speaking, 
If it couldn’t speak to you.

But at least she knew where her hands had gone,
Though she no longer saw them,
They were somewhere, out there, holding yours.
So too, did she know where her heart had gone,
That was given away for you to keep
Even though it hurt where it was missing.

Now there was nothing of her left.
No outline
No shadow
No body
She was nobody
She was nothing.


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