‘Let’ by Danielle Shorr

This poem is heartbreak on steroids. ‘Let’ by Danielle Shorr  is nothing short of excruciating to read because, well, the truth often hurts, and love often hurts too.

Whilst some of the sentiments may seem extreme; I don’t, for example, believe you can blame someone you love so completely for ruining your life (because it’s totally possible to do that all by yourself,) I do, however, like the uncomfortable juxtaposition the poet creates between the dreamer, who will ‘wait’ patiently hoping that their love isn’t ‘foresaken’ and the realist who knows they are stuck in this vicious cycle of loving ‘without permanence’ and all the things it does to you.

This is a poem to love and loathe. Love it for its honesty, it’s raw and gritty view on love and heartbreak; loathe it for what it reveals about ourselves and the way we can love one another.


I knew
From the moment we met
That you were going to ruin my life
And I was going to let you

I knew
When you picked me up
Your arms wrapped around my body
With the intention of holding
That you were going to drop me
More than once
And I was going to let it happen

See the thing is
You could break both of my legs
Shatter my bones
Into a million pieces
And I would still find a way
To come crawling back to you

Knees bloodied,
Hands torn from the pulling
I’ve never been one
For giving up easily

You could effortlessly
Take my heart and crack it open
Drink its contents
Throw the rest away
And I would still somehow attempt
To give you the remains

Call me selfless
But I am used to giving parts of myself
And receiving nothing in return

You could tie my tongue
My lips, my teeth
Split them into surrender
Into a foreign language
And I would still manage
To cough up your name

I have never learned release
Or let go
I only know stay
You could leave
One hundred times
And I would still wait for your return
With patience

Because kissing without permanence
Is like loving without memory
There is no purpose
If there is nothing to come back to
No reason in attempt
If it is bound to be forsaken

You had no intention
Of staying
This was something I knew
From the moment we met

That you were going to leave
And I was going to let you.


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