Even if I could wrap it up,
Paper, ribbon,
You’d not be surprised to find
That same gift I give you every day
Beating away like a ticking bomb,
Sweet as stained-red marzipan.


Origami Man


My man is made of paper,
He is the blank page I write my dreams on,
And re-write my dreams on.
It gets complicated,
He’s complicated,
Or likes to think he is,
But I know each fold and crease of him,
I’ve traced them a million times with my hands
With my mind.
I try hard 
To smooth the edges, the angular corners
That frustrate as I attempt to follow the instructions, like
He frustrates,
Refuses to bend at every turn 
Until, suddenly, there he is
My paper man,
Three dimensional and beautiful,
Words, skin, love, paper dreams, within my hands.

Between You and Me


Across the river
The bank rises dangerously steep.
Do you see me?

I’m standing on the other side,
Almost invisible,
A speck at the top of that precipice,
Watching as the distance between us seems to grow.

I see you.
Waiting, silent, loving,
Unsure, scared, sad, angry
Whilst the river rages below,
Dark currents of love
Beneath the surface
Threatening to pull you in
As you contemplate crossing.

I see your fear from where I am.
How it lies in the creases around your eyes
The twist of your hands
The tension that ripples
Across your shoulders.
But I can only watch,
Hope… that it doesn’t become so great
That you turn away
Like you do in my nightmares
And leave me standing out here alone
My heart calling out to you
On an empty wind
Across the divide
To come back
See me.


What is this 4am place
Of half-realised dreams
That blur into the guilty gaping wounds
Of half-realised dreams?
Do you have a foot, hovering over the threshold
Of these half-realised dreams
As you teeter on the precipice
Scared to fall into them?

What is this 4am place
Of half-realised dreams
That calls to you like a siren,
Pulling you under with the panic of breath,
The erotic asphyxiation
Of half-realised dreams?
Do I appear during that subtle shift from dark to light
In these half-realised dreams,
Dressed only with your smile
As we fall into them together


Waiting in the Wind


There is no right of way across this field of dreams,
But I’ll duck beneath the barbed wire anyway,
Risk the scratches, torn skin, blood
Red and rusty
That falls like
Glossy tears of joy
From a heart too full of love,
To see if you’re still there
Waiting on that hill
Beneath clouds that scud in shimmering fear
From the fierce wind
That seems as though it could blow everything away
Except me


The trees in this wood are silver and straight,
I am lost, and it is late.
It’s getting dark, the frost is here,
Calls for help, they disappear.
Words rise like vapour into night,
White mist curling, futile sight.
Somewhere close a wolf does cry
And now I know death is nearby.
I stumble on past trunk, past bough,
No one will come, I’m sure of that now.
And should death meet me here alone
He’ll find his work already done;
My heart is useless, my soul is crushed
There’s nothing left but bones and dust.

Lullaby For The Dark

When you are scared and cannot sleep
Do not fret and do not weep.
I am near, though we’re apart,
I keep you safe inside my heart.

I’d keep you safe if you were here
Make you smile and soothe your fear
Of what comes next, of all of  this,
Lose us both inside a kiss

I am already lost to you
And there is nothing I can do;
You own me, my body and soul
Only you can make me whole.

It’s only you, it’s always you
I know you know it’s true.
My love for you is fathoms deep
A restless sea that never sleeps.

But when you are tired and cannot sleep
Do not fret and do not weep.
I am yours, I’ll love you whatever,
Just give me your heart to love forever.