This I miss…

I’m not so good at writing this kind of stuff but I do enjoy reading it…Came across this the other day, great words and I love the picture. wordsofkings

This I miss.
Your kiss,
Your kiss…






All Of You

These poems have all been chosen because there are some days that you just really miss someone.

Tu Me Manques

I Miss You

Without You

I miss your face
Your smile
Your hands
Your toes
Your legs
Your shins
Your skin
Your nose
I miss your laugh
Your voice
Your words
Your knees
Your tongue
Your teeth
The way you sneeze
I miss your mouth
Your chest
Your arms 
Your butt
Your shoulders 
Your back
Your self harm cut
I miss your touch
Your smile
Your cheeks
Your eyes
Your neck
Your ears
Your cock
Your sighs 
I miss your veins
Your cells
Your atoms 
Your blood
Your movements
Your hair
Your heart and its thud
I miss your song
Your beauty
Your love
Your sun.
But mostly,
I miss you,
My own special one.

In The Distance

There is train running through my dreams.
It is a memory, as warm and comforting
As that small, dark room I lay in,
Tied in a knot by the pink blanket with silky edges.
I still hear the train, lonely in the woods,
Rumbling its freight along the tracks down the bottom
As I struggled to sleep,
Listening to faint voices somewhere else,
Breathing in the sacred, indescribable smells of that old room with its secrets

Before I had secrets of own.