The Next Last Time

The next last time
I spoke to you
Was the next last time
I looked into your eyes
And for the next last time
Got lost in them again.
That next last time
Should have been longer
So that for the next last time
When you kissed me,

When you kissed me…

It could have turned into the next last time
You felt my hands searching
For the next last time
To Touch you,
For a next last time to
Take you in my mouth and
Make that next last time
Even harder.


‘The Story Of The Ashes And The Flame’ by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Another little treasure…


No matter why, nor whence, nor when she came,
There was her place. No matter what men said,
No matter what she was; living or dead,
Faithful or not, he loved her all the same.
The story was as old as human shame,
But ever since that lonely night she fled,
With books to blind him, he had only read
The story of the ashes and the flame.

There she was always coming pretty soon
To fool him back, with penitent scared eyes
That had in them the laughter of the moon
For baffled lovers, and to make him think —
Before she gave him time enough to wink —
Her kisses were the keys to Paradise.

Flashback Friday


It was a year ago today and I don’t think I can remember any day where I have woken up with such excitement to see someone. As days go, it was pretty perfect. There was you, me, a bit of Shakespeare and whole lot of night…

If I could take back all the misery I have caused for one more night like this I would because when I was with you, you only made me happy.

Are You Still There?



Dear Layla…a love letter from Eric Clapton to Pattie Boyd

So feeling this at the moment but am too sad about the thought of broken spells. Will any of this ever get any easier?

Dear Layla,

For nothing more than the pleasures past I would sacrifice my family, my god, and my own existence, and still you will not move. I am at the end of my mind, I cannot go back and there is nothing in tomorrow (save you) You that can attract me beyond today. I have listened to the wind, I have watched the dark brooding clouds, I have felt the earth beneath me for a sign, a gesture, but there is only silence. Why do you hesitate, am I a poor lover, am I ugly, am I too weak, too strong, do you know why? If you want me, take me, I am yours…. If you don’t want me, please break the spell that binds me. To cage a wild animal is a sin, to tame him is divine.

My love is yours.
Eric Clapton’s letter to Pattie Boyd

Loved You

I have loved you by a river
I have loved you in the trees
I have loved you by the hedgerows
I have loved you on my knees
I have loved you with my footsteps
I have loved you for all those miles
I have loved you with my tears
I have loved you with my smiles
I have loved you while I’m dreaming
I have loved you wide awake
I have loved you before you knew it
I have loved you with heartache
I have loved you unconditionally
I have loved you though it’s wrong
I have loved you in the daytime
I have loved you all night long
I have loved you when you’re near
I have loved you far apart
I have loved you so completely
I have loved you with my whole heart
And when the morning comes
And I have to rise again
I will still open my eyes and love you,
I will love you even then,
I will still love you though it hurts me
I will still love you years from now
I will still love you when time has ended
I will keep on loving you somehow.