Tomorrow Promises

I love you like the promise
That only tomorrow can bring
When today has become lost,
Where yesterday means nothing.


Things I Wrote Tomorrow

With thanks to Constant Variable for the idea for this one…


…I woke up.

It had all been a dream
Or a nightmare,

But you wrapped words around me like arms:
There, there.


I decided
To quit the day job,
Make myself happy
And invent the rest


When I loved you tomorrow
It was still as much
And so I told you.
And maybe you were bored
Of hearing it,
Or me,
Or both,
Which was unfortunate,
Because I hadn’t grown bored of telling you.


Things I Wrote Today

The Things I Wrote Yesterday

Time Machine


I made the time machine from some bits I found in the kitchen,
Like an old blender that I hooked up to a computer.
It’s whir was like a purr.

“Where do you want to go with me?” I asked.
“Forwards or backwards?”

I knew you’d enjoy either.

“How about we freeze time?” you said.
“IMAGINE that…”

And I could
And then my time machine exploded.