Tomorrow Promises

I love you like the promise
That only tomorrow can bring
When today has become lost,
Where yesterday means nothing.


Things I Wrote Tomorrow

With thanks to Constant Variable for the idea for this one…


…I woke up.

It had all been a dream
Or a nightmare,

But you wrapped words around me like arms:
There, there.


I decided
To quit the day job,
Make myself happy
And invent the rest


When I loved you tomorrow
It was still as much
And so I told you.
And maybe you were bored
Of hearing it,
Or me,
Or both,
Which was unfortunate,
Because I hadn’t grown bored of telling you.


Things I Wrote Today

The Things I Wrote Yesterday

Empty Places



I see the red carpet, polished floorboards,
The sash windows with shutters varnished open forever,
I see the stone porch laced with wisteria,
The hat stand,
The mosaic tiles.

I see the gallery,
The atrium,
The front stairs that rise gracefully up
Below the solid handrail.
I see the roof,
The chimneys,
The front lawn,
The terrace,
The woods where we walked on Sundays.

I can hear the exact way the glass rattles in the door as it shuts,
The way the gong rings for dinner,
The clock that ticks and chimes, ticks and chimes from the shadows.

I can hear your whistle moving from room to room but
I can’t see your face.
This scene is lifeless,
No one lives here anymore.